Kiselevich: I dreamed of playing in the NHL

Kiselevich Florida panthers

  • You decided to break in the NHL in 28 years. Why now?

– I will have the answer standard. Any hockey player wants to play in the oldest league of the world. To date, it is the strongest. Of course, I also really wanted to try. He dreamed about it, although few admitted it.

Why now? I ended the contract, and there were proposals. With age, and I’m already 28 years old, they are getting smaller. And then it will be even harder. I have a wife, two little children and then it will not be easy to get together. It turns out that you need to go now or close this topic. And I did not want to close it. I would be old, drink tea, and my grandson would ask: “Grandpa, why did not you play in the NHL?” And I would be hard to explain.

  • And how many proposals were there now, when the contract with CSKA ended? And why exactly “Florida”?

– Four. And then there was a variant with “Florida”. The first question for me is the team’s play, its quality. Do I approve the scheme of the game. Whether I go to the composition, whether there is a place, what plans the management has, what players are on the way to the farm club, who gets the largest contract. And so on.

  • In the defensive line “Panthers” is Ekblad, there is Yandl, Matheson. Did you study their game? Because many in Russia are rashly reckless.

– Everyone has his own path. It is possible and recklessly break, why not. You can reverse: a long time to analyze, but you will not succeed. I try to soberly assess my strength and approach scrupulously. The city chose to live comfortably in it.

  • I managed to understand what role they are assigning to you?

“The training camp will show.” I will definitely be given a chance, and if you do not get caught for it, then goodbye.

  • Is there a clause in your contract that if you can not get into the main team, will you return to CSKA?

– So I’m already 28. I can return to any team. As for options, there was a simple, fair deal without risk for both parties. Money I will earn by the standards of the NHL are small. But if you cling to the chance, you can already talk about something else. No – you can be free and calmly return to Russia.

  • Wife supported?

– Of course. Said, if we do not go, you’ll then eat my whole brain in my old age. And when it came to negotiations and we started to do visas, she was surprised. I thought that I was joking. Well, then what to do – we must go.

  • In “Florida” you will have compatriots: Evgeny Dadonov and Maxim Mamin. When deciding on the choice of the club, did the factor of having Russians affect?

– I talked with them. Although, until he signed the contract, did not particularly talk about where I turn. Then, when they found out themselves, they called me and told me about good things: about what kind of team it was, and that it was run by a good coach. And as for the help, I think to sort it all out myself. For me, it’s not a problem to rent a house, a car, I have a good level of English, “Kiselevich said.